Hemp Hurd Bales Arriving This Month!

We have coming in approx. 1000+ bales of 33lb (15kg) hemp hurd compression baled. It’s the finest quality of hemp hurd on the market with consistent particle size, moisture content, and fiber to hurd ratio. This hemp hurd is perfect for hempcrete building application or used as an animal bedding. Each bale is approx. 33lbs (15kgs) and we are selling for the lowest price on the market at $39.99. Beating any competitors pricing. This hemp hurd is going fast so we encourage to pre-order now to reserve stock when it arrives.
Bulk pricing available upon request, Full truck loads and pallets of 1,000lbs. 
Call or email for pricing
Ph: 805-691-9565
E: orders@hemptopia.com


Celebrate the 7th Annual Hemp History Week June 6th – 12th!

Celebrate the 7th Annual Hemp History Week with us!

Starting on June 1st, all orders placed on hemptopia.com through June 12th will get free samples.

We’ve got a great group of product sponsors for Hemp History Week. Manitoba Harvest is providing their popular Hemp Hearts, raw shelled hemp seeds as well as their Hemp Pro 70 vanilla flavored hemp protein powder. Dr. Bronner’s has provided a variety of items including their organic lavender scented shaving gel and different scents of their 18 in 1 pure castile soap as well as a bumper sticker and coupon.

Learn about Hemp History Week with the video below and visit www.hemphistoryweek.com to get involved!

Grade A Degummed Hemp Fiber

grade a degummed fiber

This is the very best Grade A Degummed Hemp Fiber Available.

The fiber has been thoroughly cleaned of most all debris such as woody stalk and core pieces from hemp plant. What is left is the inner bast fiber which is combed and cleaned to be spun into a yarn for weaving and knitting. The appearance is similar to cotton.

This material can be used as a stuffing for hypo-allergenic persons sensitive to allergies from harsh chemical fiber batting and stuffing material. It can also be used as a wicking material for e-pens, high end mods and other types of vaping systems. We have received great feedback from customers using this as wicking material. They say it resists burning at higher temperatures, has a clean all natural type taste to it and is free of chemical processing. Leaving you with an all natural hemp wick material.

Available in full kilograms, 1/2 kg’s, and 1/4 kg’s

pricing starts at $35/kg

New Hemp Twine Colors Now Available

Hemp twine MulitcoloredLimeGreen hemp twine

Here it is. Hemp twine for all your crafting and project needs. We are offering nine unique colors to choose from. This hemp twine can be used to make bracelets, jewelry, tying up vegetables in your garden and a million other uses. Great all natural strong fiber twine. made from 100% Hemp, the strongest natural fiber on Earth. All natural water based dyes.

Available Colors: Black, Lavender, Navy, Green, Lime green, Yellow, Orchid, Magenta and Orange

Size: 1mm (20lb test strength)

Length: 430 feet (130 meters)

100% hemp


Hemp Socks


BlackFront copyBlackBack copy

Natural hemp sock - front


Wearing hemp sock




We finally have our own line of Hemp Socks. Custom made in a small batch and every attention to detail. Hemp socks wick away moisture, resist bacteria growing during long periods of wear and are naturally strong and chemical free. Made from a blend of organic cotton and hemp. These socks love to be outside, take them camping, fishing, traveling, backpacking, or wear them to work.

Benefits of Hemp Socks

  • Anti-Bacterial (resistant to mold and mildew)
  • Strong natural fiber (hemp is the strongest natural fiber)
  • Comfortable
  • Organic and all natural fiber
  • Moisture wicking (wicks away moisture from sweat)

Available sizes: S/M ( 6-10)  L/XL (11-15)

Available Colors: Natural and good ol’ Black

Hemptopia Men’s Hemp Boxer Briefs Now Available

Men's Hemp Boxer Brief
Men’s Hemp Boxer Brief


We just got in our new Men’s Hemp Boxer Briefs. These hemp boxer briefs are designed around comfort and functionality. They are made from the latest and best hemp yarn available. They are very soft against the skin. The hemp yarn has been combined with organic cotton to create a fabric that breathes well, airs out overnight, wicks away stinky stagnant moisture from perspiration and is durable for longer then normal wear. So, these hemp boxer briefs look great, supe comfortable and best of all are going to wear better then your other drawers.

How did we do it, we researched many different types of run of the mill boxer briefs out there, then we incorporated the best elements from each one we found that we liked and tested for performance. Then we meticulously chose a hemp blended yarn that would wear well, be comfortable on the skin and still have the added benefits of hemp. The result, the best pair of men’s hemp boxer briefs on the market.

Uses: You can wear these around the house on a Lazy Sunday afternoon, take a couple pair with you when you travel to reduce more needed pairs due to needing to wash more frequently, wear them backpacking on long adventures, rock climbing or just about anything else you can think of. We enjoy wearing them all the time and mostly when were outside enjoying the great outdoors and all that this planet has to offer from Islands, to deserts, to forests, to waterfalls and beyond.

Try a pair on today and see for yourself what a difference a little hemp can make in your life. Black-mens hemp boxer briefs

We hadn’t mentioned yet, but the hemp we use in our boxer briefs is grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides. The reason being, hemp grows so densely together it blocks out the light from other plants and invasive weeds from sprouting up. Hemp is not susceptible to the Boll Weevilboll weevil (See third paragraph down under Control) which is commonly found in large cotton fields where the amount of pesticides that are sprayed on the crops is enough to drown an elephant.

These hemp boxer briefs are made in small batches with careful attention to quality and craftsmanship. At the moment you can’t find these anywhere else but here with us.


Available in Navy and Black

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

MSRP: $26

If you are a wholesaler, distributor or retail store please contact us to discuss wholesale availability.

All other questions can be answered by contacting us at: teamhemp@hemptopia.com

Hemptopia on iHemp Radio Now Airing!


Hemptopia on iHemp Radio Now Airing!

iHempRadio on the Time 4 Hemp network
Hosted by Anndrea Hermann
 LISTEN to this show HERE Anytime on the Time4Hemp Network!
              Listen on Spreaker! Posted at 6pmPST on day of airing
Listen to iHR show archives at iHempRadio
Recorded July 20th, 2015
– Airing July 28th, 2015
  6-7pmPST show time

– See more at: http://ihempradio.com/ihr-7-28-15/#sthash.YvZlrbEw.dpuf

Learn more about hemp at: www.hemptopia.com


Redesigned Hemptopia Website is Now Live!

Hi Everyone,

Our newly redesigned website at www.hemptopia.com  is now live. I think you will like what we have to offer on the new site and invite everyone to come see. Some of the new features include:
– Easier account management with order information and tracking details
– Now accepting American Express,
– Quick view tool to see products with ease
– Easier and faster checkout process
– Cleaner page architecture (look and feel)
– Enhanced SSL (secure socket layer) protection on checkout page
– Easier navigation menus to product and service pages 








We also have a few new products available:

5/8″ Hemp Webbing & 1/2″ Hemp WebbingRomanianWebbingSizes
Weave: Herringbone
Material: 100% hemp
Made in Romania
Link to product page: http://www.hemptopia.com/5-8-romanian-hemp-webbing/



1.5″ Hemp Webbing 1.5 web
Weave: Canvas
Material: 100% hemp
Made in China
Link to product page: http://www.hemptopia.com/1-5-hemp-webbing/




New Color – Light Brown Hemptopia HempFit Cap   

Sizes: S/M & L/XL
Material: 67% hemp/ 34% cotton/ 3% polyurethane (elastic band)
Limited Edition
Available for wholesale customers
Can be embroidered or printed on for a custom one of a kind unique hemp cap
Link to product page: http://www.hemptopia.com/hemptopia-hemp-cap/



Hemp Protein Powder  Protein-Powder
Size: 1lb (16oz)
Ingredients: 100% pure hemp protein powder
Grown in Canada packaged in America
All natural plant based protein
Link to product page: http://www.hemptopia.com/hemp-protein-powder/



We also have Hemp performance Socks and Hemp Boxer Briefs coming next month

We are very excited to be offering these finally to the public, they are designed for the rugged outdoors: hiking, biking, backpacking, traveling around the world or just working in the backyard garden. Whichever activity you choose, these hemp performance socks and boxer briefs are designed around comfort and functionality.


Sock samples

















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