Hemp Hurd Bales Arriving This Month!

We have coming in approx. 1000+ bales of 33lb (15kg) hemp hurd compression baled. It’s the finest quality of hemp hurd on the market with consistent particle size, moisture content, and fiber to hurd ratio. This hemp hurd is perfect for hempcrete building application or used as an animal bedding. Each bale is approx. 33lbs (15kgs) and we are selling for the lowest price on the market at $39.99. Beating any competitors pricing. This hemp hurd is going fast so we encourage to pre-order now to reserve stock when it arrives.
Bulk pricing available upon request, Full truck loads and pallets of 1,000lbs. 
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Ph: 805-691-9565
E: orders@hemptopia.com


Grade A Degummed Hemp Fiber

grade a degummed fiber

This is the very best Grade A Degummed Hemp Fiber Available.

The fiber has been thoroughly cleaned of most all debris such as woody stalk and core pieces from hemp plant. What is left is the inner bast fiber which is combed and cleaned to be spun into a yarn for weaving and knitting. The appearance is similar to cotton.

This material can be used as a stuffing for hypo-allergenic persons sensitive to allergies from harsh chemical fiber batting and stuffing material. It can also be used as a wicking material for e-pens, high end mods and other types of vaping systems. We have received great feedback from customers using this as wicking material. They say it resists burning at higher temperatures, has a clean all natural type taste to it and is free of chemical processing. Leaving you with an all natural hemp wick material.

Available in full kilograms, 1/2 kg’s, and 1/4 kg’s

pricing starts at $35/kg

New Hemp Twine Colors Now Available

Hemp twine MulitcoloredLimeGreen hemp twine

Here it is. Hemp twine for all your crafting and project needs. We are offering nine unique colors to choose from. This hemp twine can be used to make bracelets, jewelry, tying up vegetables in your garden and a million other uses. Great all natural strong fiber twine. made from 100% Hemp, the strongest natural fiber on Earth. All natural water based dyes.

Available Colors: Black, Lavender, Navy, Green, Lime green, Yellow, Orchid, Magenta and Orange

Size: 1mm (20lb test strength)

Length: 430 feet (130 meters)

100% hemp


1mm Rasta Hemp Twine Now Available

1mm Rasta Hemp Twine is now available online at www.hemptopia.com. Hurry up and get yours while supplies last.


This variegated rasta colored hemp twine is great for beading and jewelery craft making. It has a breaking strength of 20 lbs and comes in a ball of 430 feet. This 1mm hemp twine will last you a long time and can make many bracelets necklaces and other items. The 1mm hemp twine is made from 100% naturally grown chemical free hemp.

Only $6.70/ball

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*Also available at wholesale pricing, pricing starts at one dozen or more balls.


Degummed Hemp Fiber Available Now

Hemptopia.com online store now has Degummed Hemp Fiber instock. This Hemp Fiber is nothing short of amazing wicking material. It wicks well, flavor is awesome, and it lasts a really long time. It is very easy to use as well. A bag of this should make many, many wicks for your RBAs and RDAs.Shop degummed hemp fiber: http://hemptopia.com/product/degummed-hemp-fiber hempdegummedfiber
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Hemp Fiber can be used in the same manner as organic cotton for wicking. Slide a piece through your coil or wrap your coil in it. It works amazingly well in EVODS and Protanks with a vertical microcoil by surrounding the coil with hemp fiber. A coil set up in this manner with hemp fiber can last for weeks or even months!

There is a slight earthy flavor to hemp fiber that usually goes away by the first 1/2 tank of e-liquid run through it. Boiling and drying the fiber prior to use helps to remove the earthy flavor, but it may not even be necessary.
Description Source: http://bitvapors.com/hemp-fiber-wicking-material-bitcoin

Hemp Seeds

Now available 100% sterilized hemp seeds. These hemp seeds are packed with nutritional value. They are gluten free, lactose free, 100% organic and full of Omega-3 EFA’s. These hemp seeds can be enjoyed on their own or used in smoothies, on top of yogurts and in a wide range of recipes and prepared foods.

hempseeds-3 hempseeds-2 Hempseeds-1 Toasted Hemp Seeds are:

  • A source of protein
  • Very high in fibre
  • An excellent source of the essential trio: iron, zinc and copper
  • A source of calciumShop Now

Hemptopia’s Hemp Grocers Tote Bag

The “Grocer” hemp bag Hemp Grocer Bagis made from 100% recycled material and features our original Hemptopia logo. This bag is larger than our Farmer bag and is made from 35% recycled hemp, 35% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester. The bag features a pocket on the outside to hold keys and other small items. A one piece wrap-around handle adds strength and durability for holding your heavier items.

  • Material: 35% recycled hemp/ 35% recycled cotton/ 30% recycled polyester
  • Dimensions: 19″ wide X 13″ tall
  • Color:  Natural oatmeal
  • Features: “hemp” tab, pocket on outside, full wrap around handle, 100% recycled material

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Hemp fabric is naturally antimicrobial:  Hemp has small air pockets within the fiber which allow more air to pass through allowing the fiber to breath better, thus not allowing bacteria and mold to grow.

Hemp is sustainable and environmentally-friendly:  Hemp is a naturally organic, chemical-free and environmentally friendly fiber. Hemp can be grown using little to no pesticides or insecticides, and also does not require any herbicide.

Hemp – The Weave of the Future
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

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